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Books (ask for these at your local bookseller or library)

  • Caregiving: A Shared Journey by Dianne Thompson
  • Dear Caregiver, It's Your Life Too: 71 Self-Care Tips To Manage Stress, Avoid Burnout & Find Joy Again by Katie Duncan
  • Final Journeys: A Practical Guide for Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life by Maggie Callanan
  • For Caregivers: Coping with Holidays and Special Occasions by CancerCare
  • I Need to Scream! Would Anyone Even Hear ME? (A Personal Caregiver's Survival Guide) by Lorraine Valyo Davis
  • Refreshment for the Caregiver's Spirit by Loretta Woodward Veney
  • Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach by Pat Samples, Diane Larsen, and Marvin Larsen
  • Take Back Your Life: A Caregiver's Guide to Finding Freedom in the Midst of Overwhelm by Loren Gelberg-Goff
  • Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out by Deborah J. Cornwall

Some of the resources provided above come from third-party sources. This is not an endorsement of the content or entities listed above.